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Coming Project :

  • Vacabuary Learning Program - Rewrite SAT program to include voice and meaning in, say, Chinese
  • Hardware Simulation Package - Simulate accessses to hardware components, Digital I/O, Analog I/O and RS232.


  • 20+ years in embedded software development
    - C/C++/C#
    - PHP & MySQL (some)
  • 20+ years in Semiconductor Equipment Industry
    - CVD Systems, Track Systems, Measurement Systems
Other Embedded Projects:
  • uC/OS-II on TS-5700 of Technologic Systems
    - Wrappers to make needed C library functions thread-safe
  • WAT/TCP under uC/OS-II
    - TelNet Server
    - SNTP Client - 6 Target NTP Servers

Here is my program for SAT vocabulary preparation.

Inflatable Surfboard

Yang Style Tai Chi (Chuan)

See some of my favorite, free applications.

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